Innovation platform Valuer matches companies with tech partners

Daniel Sevitt

Can there ever be such a thing as too much choice? Too much innovation? Perhaps for a business trying to find the best technology partner in an ocean of solutions and services, it can be almost impossibly daunting to sift through all the noise and find the right signal. And that whole process can only start when you know what it is you’re looking for.

In a climate of accelerated innovation, companies often struggle to identify new market trends and look for the business models and new technologies that will enable them to take the best advantage.

Innovation platform Valuer matches companies with tech partners

Valuer was founded to ease some of that pain. The company’s AI-powered, client-assisted workflow helps companies track, analyze and curate the world of innovation by business challenge or strategic need.

The company was founded in Denmark in 2017 by a team including René Giese, who previously spent more than a decade working at Microsoft. Giese has a very clear vision for about how Valuer serves its customers, “Valuer is not an innovation company listing database. We offer a digital workflow that engages and includes the client in the discovery, qualification, and selection processes.”

Valuer has developed a data-driven AI platform for matching large corporations in strategic areas with innovative startups, and vice versa. Through Valuer’s digital platform, corporations can search and filter for innovation partners in a more structured and efficient manner than in traditional analogue processes.

Giese continued, “Our mission is to help educate businesses to visualize data in new ways, to discover new insights and to steer them away from relationship-driven decision making to one that is driven by data.”

Along the way, Valuer has faced and overcome many of the traditional startup challenges. “AI and machine learning depend heavily on the right data and system architecture to operate and grow at scale,” Giese said. “Microsoft Azure has been a true asset and helped us to another level.”

Innovation platform Valuer matches companies with tech partners

Now Valuer is getting ready to bring their platform to the global stage after announcing a planned IPO on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. The company plans to use the money raised to ramp up their international sales force and digital marketing efforts and significantly increase their ARR over the next two years.

Earlier this year Valuer picked up a nomination from DIGITIALEUROPE for their Future Unicorn Award 2021. This is just another milestone on the way for the company to achieving its vision of becoming the “LinkedIn of innovation and investments”.